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540 West Avenue
Arlington, WA 98223

Phone 360.435.8262
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Monday - Saturday  9AM – 5PM
Sunday          CLOSED


Clinic Visit: $49


Walk In: No Appointment Necessary


Arlington and Quilceda Pharmacies have extended an invitation to our patients who do not have insurance benefits paying for their medications. As a courtesy, they have offered to let patients seen in the 10 Minute Walk In Clinics participate in their Leader Wellness Savings Plan.

The Leader Wellness Savings Plan offered by the Arlington and Quilceda Pharmacies is a unique way for customers to save on healthcare costs in the pharmacy. The Plan provides discounts on a majority of prescription medications. It also allows patients to save 20% on all non prescription Leader products provided throughout the store.

“The Leader Wellness Savings Plan is just another way we are committed to helping our customers manage their healthcare costs by making informed decisions,” stated Alix Ravenel, PharmD. “This program offers choice and flexibility, not only for customers who are sick, but also for those who are healthy.”

Any questions you may have about the Leader Wellness Saving Plan or other services offered at Arlington Pharmacy and Quilceda Pharmacy, can be answered by a pharmacy staff member any time.


The 10 Minute Clinics are independent businesses from the pharmacies where they are located. The pharmacy has no control over the practice of the 10 Minute Walk In Clinics, since the clinics are privately owned and operated